Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There Is Water at the Bottom of the Ocean

"Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down." - Talking Heads

Where to begin?

Okay, well, the reason I often begin my blogs with a line from a song, I guess. I love a good musical - and have been known to randomly burst into song. Yes, that really does happen in real life. It's just a thing. Sure, it's weird. But it makes things more interesting. Imagine "Singing in the Rain" with no singing, that's all I'm saying.

This morning, I woke early and quietly, slammed back a couple of cups of coffee, checked my Facebook status and the Obituaries to make sure I was still here, then headed off to meet my friend at the corner for our walk.

In the distance, I saw a figure in blue, bending and stretching. "Oh, wow, my watch must be slow!" I thought to myself, then broke into a run. I hate to keep anyone waiting.

I made it two blocks before I gave out. I made myself jog another block before I realized it wasn't her.

An hour later, I was back at home, ready to take Halfway Between (10 & 20) and his buddy to their Robotics class at the college. I grabbed a glass of water and demonstrated my knowledge of robotics for my captive audience. They were not impressed with my attempt at popping and locking. The swinging arm did garner an uncomfortable grimace from the friend.

An hour later, I was back at home, ready to take 7th Heaven to her art camp. "Did you get my Portugal?" she asked.

It took me a minute. "Yes, here is your Port-FO-lio." I gathered some paperwork for my husband, ran down the list of errands and phone calls he needed me to handle, jumped into the shower for a quick rinse, and we hit the road.

An hour later, I was back at home, ready to eat a salad, write my blog and then run those errands. "Mommy, I need help!" the Edge (of 17 ) called from her room.

Two hours later, we had finished a deep, meaningful and occasionally tearful conversation about my pushing her to "dual enroll" at the community college for her last year of high school. She's been homeschooled for the last two years and we've been hashing and re-hashing options without any firm commitments. Finally, we agreed we'd go talk to the counselor tomorrow and make a game plan that was acceptable to both of us.

She went to take a shower, and I decided to check my email. I was reading a note from my aunt that a family member has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer when the Edge hollered, "MOM! There's no water!"

"What?!" Long story short (sorry, too late for that, I guess!) I'd paid all of our bills online before we went to Daytona at the end of last month. . .well, apparently with the exception of the water bill.


So, I took care of the bill, wrote an email response to my aunt, said a few prayers, revisited some questions I'm going to be asked on a podcast tomorrow on and fielded a phone call from my Mother-in-law.

"Y'all coming over tomorrow?" Huh?

"They're going to induce your sister-in-law." Just tell her to keep her legs crossed for ONE MORE DAY!

I didn't say that. "Of COURSE we'll be there. . ."

Feeling poopie, I decided to call my BFF from MFF (Get it? Moms Fighting Fat! There's a link to her page on my blog list - be sure to check out our podcast tomorrow!) I relayed the whole sordid mess to her.

Her compassionate response: "Sounds like a blog!"

And that is why I love her.

Needless to say, the water is back on, the baby is home, the Edge is freshly showered and on her way to work, and all is, for a moment, right with the world.

Sounds like a good time to sing and dance. . . Care to join me in the "Robot?"

Same as it ever was. . .same as it ever was. . .

Have fun!


  1. Your day yesterday gave a whole new meaning to the age ole' adage, "When it rains it pours!" How you remain so witty and humorous is beyond me, I totally lost it over ONE technical difficulty I was having and you are, taking the time to share your hectic day with the rest of us mothers...And that, my friend, is one of many reasons that I LOVE YOU!

    Big Hugs ~ Sandy ***Who is totally geeked about our podcast interview this morning!***

    "We're all in this journey towards living a healthier lifestyle together"

  2. Lara, what a day you've had! I'm sure it wasn't much different from any other eventful day...well, with the exception of no water. Now THAT'S something to cry about. I just ask for one simple thing at the end of the evening...a hot shower - ALONE!

    I'm enjoying your blog; thanks for joining blogland.