Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Conversations in the Rearview

Some days, 7th Heaven can't make up her mind.

"Hey Mom, has it been three months?"

"Three months since what, baby?"

"Three months!"

"It's the end of July, the seventh month. . ."


"What are you getting at?" Halfway Between (10 & 20) chimed in.

"Stay out of this!" His sister fussed.

"Honey, we're just trying to figure out what you're talking about!" I was hoping to head off an argument. . .and figure out what the heck she was talking about!

"HAS-IT-BEEN-THREE-MONTHS?" She tried to spell it out.

"Do you mean summer?" Halfway was trying to be the interpreter.

"NO! I was a first-grader. Mom said it would be three months until I was a second grader."

"Oh. . ." Sometimes we Moms are a little slow on the uptake. "You have about three and a half weeks until school starts."

"Yeah!" she said. Then thought for a second, "Noooooooooooo!" Then a few seconds later, "Yeah!"

"Well, are you happy, or not?" her brother asked.

"Honestly, I'm just not sure!"

Sweetheart, honestly, neither are we!

Have fun!


  1. LOL, I sometimes think children have a conversation in their head before they start letting everyone else no what the topic is. :-)

    Oh, wait...I sometimes do the same thing! ROFL

  2. Do you ever have a conversation in your head, and can't remember if you had it out loud or not? A mind is a terrible thing. . .

  3. She's a true woman...changing her mind (smile).

  4. LOL! Hey there I've been out of sorts since my kids left for VA I must blog about the utter loneliness or complete joy that I'm not sure I'm feeling, hmmmm could just be PMS!
    I forgot to click the follow button the other day please forgive:) School in GA is just around the corner, I'll be glad when it's starts back!!!