Monday, July 20, 2009

Life Takes on a New Dimension

Four generations watching the Moon Launch, Titusville, Florida-1969

"You should have seen it in color. . ." - Jamey Johnson

A human being is climbing down a ladder, about to be the first Earthling set foot on the Moon.

"Y'all come watch this!" Hubbalicious called out to the kids.

"We're making milk shakes!" 7th Heaven responded from the kitchen.

"The whole world stopped to watch this forty years ago," I suggested as I stood between rooms.

"That was forty years ago!" The Edge (of Seventeen) hit the pulse button on the blender again, then hit several buttons on her cell phone. "Besides, it's all in black and white. I don't like to watch shows in black and white."

Maybe Halfway Between 10 & 20 would be interested. I walked down the hall and stuck my head into his room. "Come watch, they're showing the actual telecast of Armstrong walking on the moon!"

"Thanks, but I'm talking to my friend on Skype right now. . ."

"But this is a dude. . .walking on the moon!"

"In 1969. . ." he sang along, then returned to his computer "call."

"It's just my Mom, she wants me to come watch some lame show about the moon." Then he redeemed himself, "I love you, Mommy."

I guess they've seen too many movies, experienced too much "virtual reality" to find actual reality very interesting.

So Hubs and I sat alone watching "history" and understanding that we live in an amazing time, when people going into space is no big deal, you can instantly send a text to a friend, and talk to someone face-to-face on your computer.

Some day they'll sit watching their holographic images, trying to explain to their kids that life was still pretty amazing in 2-D. . .


  1. LOL, so true! All of us but Brooke watched it yesterday on the History Channel. I still think it's amazing and so did our 14yo ds. You just caught them at the wrong moment. :-)

  2. Hi! I'm not a mother of teens just yet, but I am sure that I can glean some wisdom from you in spite of!

    Found you by way of MomsWeb.


  3. Glad you found me, Larie. . .if you think the toddler years are a hoot, just wait!

    We have a lot of fun :)

    I guess so, Sandy - the person on the other end of Skype was a "person of interest" LOL!