Saturday, August 8, 2009

So Much to Say

"I find sometimes it's easy to be myself.
Sometimes I find it better to be somebody else.
So much to say. . ." - Dave Matthews Band

We interrupt our regular blog for this moment of brutal honesty.

I guess this happens to all writers at one time or another.

I've written the "Teen Talk" blog at the and websites for well over two years now, considering it to be my therapy for dealing with my crazy kids. The minuscule stipend served as justification that I was being paid to write.

But here I am, almost six-hundred creations later - and I'm fizzled out, dried-up, blocked, stuck like Chuck. I just can't seem to do it anymore. The thrill is gone.

My Momsweb Mentor encouraged me to start another blog, independent of the constraints of "paid to write." And so, here we are. I've got the subject matter (four kids), I've got the readers (you & my Mom). . .but the motivation - where the heck did it go??

Seriously, I know I've just got to get into my groove and I'll be spewing all variety of entertaining anecdotes that will have you rolling on your keyboards. We're dragging through the waning lazy days of summer, about to resume our hectic fall schedules and activities - it's all there poised for the humorous re-telling.

So take heart, oh patient Mother, every blog has it's day. And I've got so much to say.

And now, back to the show. . .

Have fun!


  1. Girl, I could give you a hug right now only because I felt like this on Friday and you could probably tell by Friday's post (lol). You just wait and see how your motivation and lack of pays'll see!

  2. This happens to all bloggers.

    My remedy is to refrain from blogging everyday. Even if I have an idea. I type it up and schedule it to post automatically a few days later.

    This gives my readers time to see my latest post and me time to type up new posts.

  3. LaVender, maybe it's just in the air. I am so thankful every day that I have people like you and Sandy in my life who inspire me and lift me up. I love you guys!!

    Thanks for the advice, Jenelly. It's just a little blue slump - but tomorrow is another day :)