Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's This Economy. . .

It doesn't matter what issue or problem you've encountered today, someone standing nearby will have a reason to blame it on the economy.

In Wally World, I commented: "Wow, the lines are really long today. . ." The lady behind me: "It's this economy!"

On the phone with my son: "I hope you get the job!" His response: "Well, with this economy. . ."

If "this economy" wasn't so bad, I'd be much better looking. . .and possibly cleaner, I just know it!

I'm getting ready to send 7th Heaven to second grade on Monday. In years past, the week before school has been a mad frenzy of haircuts and clothes shopping, pursuit of the "right" bookbag and matching lunchbox that will be used four times until it sets in that it's "cooler" to be a "trayer." This year is a little different, though.

First, the two teens are homeschooled. One of them actually does schoolwork in his boxers, the other in her pajama pants. They are beyond the need for new crayons, new socks, or the latest must-have character on everything they own. That makes it pretty easy.

7th Heaven has a closet full of clothes, some things she's worn twice if we were lucky. Her summer has been spent in a bathing suit or a long t-shirt. . .on the days when we talked her into wearing "clothes." I see no reason to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on jeans that will be too short before it gets cool enough for her to wear them.

We did go today and pick out a new t-shirt and skirt for the first day. . .and an I.Carly backpack. "What was wrong with her other backpack?!" Hubbalicious asked.

"It didn't have I.Carly on it, Daddy!" Well, you can't argue with THAT logic.

I don't feel too badly. I blew a total of thirty-five bucks on her, including the school supplies.

I was talking to a friend about this earlier. "Oh, I know!" she said. "I can't afford to buy ANYTHING extra. . .I gave them each a hundred bucks for clothes and told them that was IT! It's this ECONOMY, you know!"

Well, while you're forking out three hundred bucks for the latest styles, we'll be here in our boxers and pjs, and one ten-dollar I.Carly backpack, looking stylish in our frugality.

And it's not "this economy" - it's just that I am getting smarter in my old age.

Have fun!


  1. Funny - it's the economy is definitely over used...

  2. Kelly, for me, it's always been MY economy. I just think it's funny that the rest of the country is joining me now :)

  3. My hair looks like ass. It's the fault of the economy because if it weren't so bad I could afford to have a celebrity hairdresser fix it. :-)

    Hey, no one has to know that I couldn't afford a mega-hair stylist before the recession. ;-)

    Hugs and Love ~ Sandy

  4. You're right. The economy is also the blame for the Protege tennis shoes that are regularly almost $40, but we got firstborn a pair for $14. I LOVE this economy!

  5. Yeah, THIS economy hasn't really affected us because we already live frugally and within our means (due to bad choices in our past and having to crawl our way out of debt back then) we are prepared for THIS economy now! LOL