Monday, January 23, 2012

"I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been tryin' to be lately. . ." ~ that guy. . .the one who sings that song. . .someone tell me his name please :)

I've always been a straight-shooter when it comes to my love/hate relationship with exercise.  Lately, I'm more of a "'round tuit."  But, I threw on my "PLEASE. . .SLOW DOWN" t-shirt this morning in the hopes that what goes 'round comes off eventually.

There are so many fun things going on in my family right now.  It's birthday season - I think we've got a birthday every couple of weeks from now until June.  Big families can be hard to keep up with, but the entertainment is always built-in.

We've also got a wedding in the works.  As the Mother of the Groom, I'm responsible for certain components of the wedding details. . .mainly to smile and nod.    I am not gifted in the world of "foo," and once my suggestion of a taco bar was shut down,  well, I was incensed :)  Not really, I'm delighted to help.  The most important thing is that my son and bonus daughter have a good time in the company of people who love them.  I'm going to be a great mother in law!!  (As the oldest children, you "get" me if Dad abandons ship. . .brace yourselves!)

Of course, I'm excited about the campaign.  I really like the idea that I'll be able to do some good for my community.  Folks keep telling me to prepare myself for the "down" side of politics - and I'm sure those times will come. . .but I think I'm ready to handle the harsher side of jeers.  Let's face it, Motherhood isn't exactly a popularity contest.  :)

I've also got some fun meetings and gatherings and a little TCB going my way this week that I am looking forward to marking off my list.

So, as I sported my day-glo green safety message this morning, exercising and humming that guy's little ditty in my head, I though about all the good stuff in my life.  I felt positive, competent. . .Golden.  And then, I felt like a total nerd for waving at some guy who was NOT my friend in her silver SUV.  Nothing gold can stay!

Have fun!!

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