Friday, September 25, 2009

Tote My Weary Load. . .

Every morning, 7th Heaven rides her bike to school while I follow along on foot.

When we started this year, she made a new friend who lives between our house and the school. We meet her at the corner, and she rides with us the last two blocks.

As seven-year-olds are not adept at biking while carrying backpacks, I serve not only as an escort, but a pack-mule as well.

This morning, I was trudging along behind the girls, thinking about all the things I have to do today: go through the Declaration of Independence with Halfway Between (10 & 20), a visit to the junior college with the Edge (of 17), paperwork for Hubbalicious, lunch with 7th Heaven and the Second Graders, a laminating project for the teacher. And that should bring me up to Noon.

With two heavy backpacks on my back, I was losing the feeling in my fingers. . .is this what they mean by "toting the weary load?"

At our Momslikeme website, I'd given a pregnant mother who was feeling fat because she'd moved into a size 7 some advice:
"there is always someone for whom your shoes wouldn't be so bad to walk in. . ." I was not attempting to invalidate her feelings - they were her feelings! But I think we all have to stop every now and then and put things in perspective.

Then I started thinking about my oldest son, the firefighter: young, broke, expecting a baby and trying to get through school. He practices running into burning buildings with a hundred pounds of gear on his back! I quickly put my minor dilemma back in it's place.

We all have moments where we feel a little overwhelmed. Instead of complaining, sometimes you just have to hike up your load and keep on moving. And remember that there are people all around you who would consider your load to be pretty light!


  1. Great points! I too find myself at times becoming the "Debbie Downer" type and then realize my life is pretty friggin' fantabulous so I should shut my trap and have a beer instead of griping. :-) We don't know what it's like to walk in another person's shoes and frankly, I wouldn't want to. My shoes fit. They don't hurt. They don't give me bunyons. And they're mine. I bet the packpack is stylish and cute at least! ;-)

  2. Great post! It is very easy to start complaining but, with so much going on in the world our complaints here in America are so small:)

  3. Carrie @

    Hi, Lara!
    I stumbled upon your made some interesting points about not feeling overwhelmed. I have 3 kids, all in elementary school, and I work from home. Usually my days are quiet and orderly until the kiddos get home. Then it is suddenly FULL of chaos, questions, busyness, arguments, snacks, knocks on the door, phone calls. I get overwhelmed quickly.

    Thanks for the sweet reminder to see it all in a different perspective.

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